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We understand how stressful and painful family law issues can be and we do everything we can to assist and support you during this difficult time.

Recently, the rules on applying for a divorce have changed and you are able to do it yourself online here. There is a fee of £593 and you can make a joint application if you both agree to the divorce or apply on your own if your partner does not agree to the divorce.

You can read our guide to getting divorced and the online process below.

The online process only deals with the legal divorce meaning that you are no longer considered married under the law. If there are other issues such as children, finances, or other assets that need to be settled, this often needs to be dealt with separately unless you are in agreement from the start. It can be a good idea to talk to a legal expert before agreeing to any of these issues to ensure what you want is actually what you are agreeing to. If you cannot agree these issues, then you may need to instruct lawyers and go to court for them to be agreed upon.

We offer a free initial appointment to discuss the options with you and advise you of the likely costs.

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