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TOLATA is the commonly used acronym for The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996, which is legislation that covers property disputes between unmarried couples, including co-habiting couples, family members and commercial relationships. Whether you own property or land and someone is claiming they have an interest in it or where you have been living with your partner in a property they own and feel you have contributed to the value of the home, we can advice you of your rights.

Unmarried couples who separate do not have the same rights as married couples where the starting point for the Court in any dispute is an equal share of the assets held.

For cohabitees, entitlement, to a share in the asset/land must be shown and in considering such matters, the Court will have regard to TOLATA.

Claims will either be on the basis of a dispute on the facts of the case or on a dispute as to the legal principles involved.

In either case, we can offer mediation or negotiation with the other party as well as representing you at court if the matter is not capable of resolution outside of court.

We can also help to protect you from future TOLATA claims if you are part of an unmarried couple living in a property owned by one person.

We can help you with:

Making claims if you believe you have a claim over a property
Defending claims made against you
Mediating issues between parties
Transferring or selling property and assets

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Contested Probate


Settlement Agreements

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