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Probate is the process of administering a deceased person’s estate when they die, whether they left a will or not. It is the right to deal with someone’s property, money, and possessions ‘their estate’.

If the person did leave a will, then it is the responsibility of the executors to carry out the person’s wishes and ensure, to the best of their ability, that the estate is distributed in accordance with the provision of the will. If the person did not leave a will then the law dictates what should happen to the estate, in accordance with the rule of intestacy.

A person’s estate is made up of property, money, and possessions and the administration of an estate involves closing bank accounts, selling shares, collecting money that is owed settling any debts, paying any taxes, and distributing the remainder of the estate between the entitled beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, sometimes the administration does not proceed as it should and intervention is needed.

We can help you with:

Making claims against the estate/executors
Defending claims against estate/executors
Obtaining a Grant of Probate
Obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration
Administering estates
Dealing with banks, utility companies, pension providers etc
Transferring or selling property and assets

There are a number of reasons that people contest the probate of an estate:-

  • Validity of the will – the person was pressured into making it or did not have the mental capacity to make such decisions at the time.
  • Fair provision for dependents – The will did not allow for fair provision of spouse or dependents
  • Executors mishandling of estate
  • Disagreements between beneficiaries
  • A dispute over the assets
  • Interpretation of the provisions of a will

If you feel you have grounds to contest a deceased’s estate, please get in touch.

We can also help defending these claims if someone is raising a dispute against you as the executor, administrator, or beneficiary.

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Contested probate

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